Job Searching With A Disability

Should I Tell A Job Interviewer That I Have A Disability?

With the scare of unstable government disability checks there is a rise of individuals with a disability looking for a part time or even full time job. The big question stands: Should I tell a job interviewer that I am disabled? With the job market being so tough anyways we really do not want to make it any harder for yourself, but there is so much to get around if we do not tell?

5422eca49c329.preview-620As a person with a disability I am not legally obligated to tell an employer of my disability if it does not effect my job. I may or may not have to tell them my disability even if I need a little accommodation if hired to do my work depending on the job.

If one chooses not to tell a potential employer about being on disability they can have other issues to get around. For example: Why have you not worked in the past few years? Why did you quit your last job? Why do you no longer want to work in the type of job you did for so many years before you left work?

The problem with answering these questions truthfully is that they will all most likely lead to terms of disability. So with answering questions without showing disability it may have a effect on rather you get the job or not.

There is not one that can tell you that you should or should not tell the job interviewer, you have to decide what is best considering the job your applying for.

How Can I Avoid Telling A Potential Employer About My Disability If They Ask Me About Gaps In Employment?

Or If They Ask Why I Have Not Worked In The Past Few Years?

Fix Gaps In Employment For Disabled Workers These questions are never easy but its important to answer the questions honestly, but honest does not mean you have to tell them about a disability. You can tell them you took personal time off or you can tell them something that is also true that would explain the absence. For example a mother that was off work due to a disability may say they took time to raise kids but is now ready to rejoin the work force. Just be careful that you do not get into any other biases also.

Sometimes its best to be 100% honest while sometimes it pays to be quiet about it. For example if you no longer work as a roofer because of your back but your applying for a office job that your qualified to do in a roofing company. You may be better off telling them the story. This will not only let them know why you would take a different type of job or even different pay but also that you will not leave when you find a job in you area of expertize.

Resume Writing Tips:

Should I Put Jobs On My Resume That I Can No Longer Do Because Of My Disablity?
resume for job seeker with a disability Writing a resume full of jobs that you can not longer do due to a disability is hard. While you probably just do not want to leave the job out because then you would be faced with explaining large gaps in employment.

If you most of your jobs on your resume are job you can no longer perform consider writing a experienced based resume that showcases individual skills within the jobs that you have done that you can still do. resumewritingtips

What Questions Can A Potential Employer Not Ask You During A Interview??

What Questions Can They Ask?

Asking illigal questions in a job interview A interview is to investigate ones ability, education, skill, work experience, licenses and certification required to do the job. Questions that are to find out if you are disability or the conditions of your disability are prohibited if not directly effecting performance.

The ADA regulations prohibits employers to ask questions about disabilities before a job offer is made but does allow some questions after job is offered and before one starts a job. Samples of questions are as follows:

Do you have a heart condition? Do you have asthma or any other difficulties breathing?

Do you have a disability which would interfere with your ability to perform the job?

How many days were you sick last year?

Have you ever filed for workers’ compensation? Have you ever been injured on the job?

Have you ever been treated for mental health problems?

What prescription drugs are you currently taking?

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